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Implicit Cubic Selection

Evolution. That's what life's all about. And within evolution, there are evolutionary advantages. Such advantages increase a species' chance of survival and of its continued evolution.

One such advantage is the ability to self-evolve. At its most basic level, evolution would rely on Time Cube to directly select from random mutations. But if a simulation can be formed, an accurate simulation of Cubic selection, then by performing that simulation, a species can enact independent evolution.

In direct-Cubic-selection, Time Cube acts without intermediation upon a species, shaping it and forming it. In implicit Cubic selection, only the idea of Time Cube, or the impression of Time Cube, acts upon the species and causes it to evolve.

Now, how exactly does this implicit cubic selection occur?—Primarily through sexual reproduction. Within a species, the males and females create children by combining each of their two individual DNA-genomes.

Illustration of one generation of individuals combining their DNA sexually to create new generations. There are several generations shown here. The downward arrows indicate the passage of time.

Interchange of the genetic code allows the village to remain a cohesive whole. Without genetic code interchange, strange mutations could become rife.

Masculinity and feminity are opposites. Generally, males compete and females select.

This is a gender-role designation. It underpins implicit Cubic selection. The males simulate Chaos in that they create options; the females, like Time Cube, select from the created choice.

However, if evil enters into power, Cubeless 1-corner men might unjustly seize control, and females might begin to demonstrate evil degenerative corruptive misandrist behaviour. Against such dangers, we must guard.


In that males compete and females select, and in that childbirth is mostly the responsibility of the female, it is concluded that male and female are inequal opposites.

Typically, the situation is that males protect the village; they defend the outside of the village. The inside, however, is occupied by females, children, and grandparents. The inside is occupied also by those individuals which are unnaturally deformed, perverted or aberrated, such as homosexuals, cripples and other mutations and freaks.

So males and females are as the electrons and protons of an atom. Electrons and protons, with their opposite electric charges and their disparate physical sizes, are inequal opposites, just as males and females are inequal opposites. Also, electrons occupy the outside of an atom just as the males occupy the outside of the village, while the protons (females) and neutrons (children, grandparents, aberrations) occupy the inside, the nucleus, of the atom.

The atom is harmonic to the village. Electrons are harmonic to males; protons are harmonic to females; and neutrons are harmonic to children, grandparents and aberrations such as queers.

We propose a harmonic. If there are a number of different villages, there will be small groups of them that are unified, and between the allied groups there will exist conflict.

A molecule is harmonic to an alliance of several villages. Pressure between separate atoms or molecules is equivalent to conflicts between villages, that retain their separation and disctinction.

These villages are compared to atoms in a substance. A harmonic exists between the village and the atom. Like the small unified village-groups, a molecule is a union of several atoms. And between molecules, there is pressure, and they repel each other, and oscillate, and they relay energy between themselves.

(Also: while genetically similar villages tend to unify, genetically dissimilar ones tend to fight. The conflict is stable, in that it prevents individual villages from becoming too large, and also in that there is not an excessive conflict level, such as would destroy the village.)


There are minor differences between the villages in an area. There are small clusters of villages that are unified with each other. The clusters, or unities, sometimes fight with each other.

Between the villages in one area and the villages in a different area, there are likely to be major genetic differences. We shall consider each area's villages and village-unities to be grouped together into one momentous supercluster, and we shall consequently deem the two separate area-centric superclusters to represent different races.

Superclusters are comprised of individual villages, and alliances of villages wherein the villages form village-clusters. Major differences exist between the different races. We see, also, a supercluster of very many villages and village-clusters, wherein each supercluster is a race, containing villages that are quite similar, distinguished only by their minor differences.

Initially, when a species is formed, all its individuals will be genetically similar. Then, it will diversify gradually into a number of different races, each race being separated by geographical delineations. Each race has unique and valuable traits. If the races are mixed together, however, the whole species will regress and revert.

An initial species diversivies into numerous races which then become species. Miscegenation, however, causes a reversion back to the start.

Miscegenation—racial mixing—degrades racial integrity. Miscegenation causes a racial slop. And in that it denies that each race has unique qualities, miscegenation is even racist. Miscegenation must be avoided.


DNA has a double helix shape. It is a 4-corner rotation, wherein a principle of opposites is created by the 2 opposed helices.

Illustration of DNA, with its four nucleotides arranged in base pairs spanning the double-helix

Also, DNA is related to the number 4 in that it has exactly 4 different nucleotides. Those nucleotides are adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine.

Further point:

For a stable population, each couple must on average have 2 children that reach parenthood. (The total number of children must be greater, since some will be naturally deselected to die.)

Further point:

Feminism is a result of homosexuality and other unnatural factors. Feminism must be avoided, as it denigrates and degrades men and poses a severe danger that threatens the stability of human civilisation.

Further point:

Sexuality is a person's sexual attraction to another person. Under the ancient, enduring, all-pervasive natural law, there are only two different types of normal sexuality, and they are these:

  • Man attracted to woman
  • Woman attracted to man

We see that the two heterosexual perspectives form a principle of equal opposites. For further explanation thereof, see article Principle of Opposites.

Homosexuality, however, is a meaningless and degenerative aberration upon standard heterosexual reproduction, and is as such a queer unnatural Cubeless perversion, violating the natural law.

Further point:

In that it's implicit, and in that it's merely governed by the thought, idea, of TimeCube, implicit Cubic selection is open to corruption. It's efficient, but if corrupted, its efficiency could be impelled awry, with disastrous consequences. Such is a factor contributing to Cubeless Doom.

Mind must see Cube eyes can't comprehend. Time Cube impose 4 corners on Earth sphere. Earth sphere is Cubic with rounded corners. Earth exists as 2 opposite Cube hemispheres. Humans must establish 4 corner Earth Cube. All humans exist between 2 opposite sexes. Impossible for a human singularity to exist. 2 opposite sex Cubes equate to crap shoot. Religion and academia preach singularity. Human word animals are singularity stupid.
Interracial marriage is stupid and evil for it creates a child not of either race, betraying the child and both the races. Educators don't know black from white.
— Gene Ray, timecube.com

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